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Sundays are a big deal for football fans living in our apartments in Greenway Plaza. Texans fans and Cowboys fans don’t agree on much, but the two fanbases can agree that wings are a must on game day. Once you’ve decided that you need wings, celery and bleu cheese in your life, all that’s left to do is decide whether to order in or go watch the game at a restaurant. It’s not an easy decision, but you can make it a little easier by reading this week’s blog.


In the post below, we’ll be talking about three of the most popular chicken wing restaurants in the Upper Kirby neighborhood. There are quite a few to choose from, but we’ve managed to whittle the list down to three spots that are known for serving the biggest wings at reasonable prices. Whether you prefer bleu cheese or ranch dipping sauce with your wings, we think you’ll find a basket you can enjoy at one of the chicken wing hot spots below.


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Dream Wings


With a nice open outdoor patio and plenty of booths inside, Dream Wings is the perfect place to grab wings during the game. The TV situation isn’t as good as some other wing spots on our list, but the wings are. If you do end up getting your wings to go, that’s an easy process as well. We recommend ordering the honey sriracha wings or the lemon pepper parmesan. You really can’t go wrong with any order, just be sure to grab some of the sweet potato fries as well.




If you’re looking for a wing place with a sports bar feeling, check out Wing-N-Things. The hot wings come out absolutely drenched in sauce, so prepare your taste buds accordingly. Wing-N-Things has a huge interior with plenty of screens, and their wings are packed with meat. These two components add up to an awesome game day experience at one of Houston’s best chicken wing restaurants.  


Big City Wings


Big drumstick wings, plenty of sides to choose from and an awesome location make Big City Wings the easy choice for Texans fans on game day. If you’re tired of going to chain chicken wing spots and want something a little more authentic, head to Big City Wings and upgrade your game day experience.


We’ve hit the end of our list of the best chicken wing restaurants in the Upper Kirby neighborhood, but we’ll be back in December with two more brand new blogs for our residents! If we’ve done our job this week, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a new chicken wing restaurant to try next time you need some game day grub.


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