Ranking the Best Pizza near your Greenway Plaza Apartments

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Top view of a slice of pizza on a plate at a restaurant

Here at Metropole apartments in Upper Kirby, we are of the belief that everyone should have access to delicious pizza. Pizza one of life’s simple pleasures, and there’s too much good pizza in Houston for people to continue eating at pizza chains. The Upper Kirby neighborhood is filled with awesome pizza places, and we’re talking about four of the most popular spots in the blog post below!


Everyone has their own favorite style of pizza, and we would never put one above the other. If you like folding your NY-style pizza in half before you eat it, go for it! If you like eating deep dish pizza with a fork and knife, that’s cool too! No matter what kind of pizza you’re into, you’ll find your ideal pizza restaurant on the list below.


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Luna Pizzeria

If you’re in the mood for a solo pizza, check out Luna Pizzeria. Their personal pan pizza are perfectly-sized, making this one of the best lunch options in Upper Kirby.


The most popular pizza at Luna is the cajun andouille pizza, which will probably be the spiciest pizza you’ll ever find in Houston. It’s topped with tons of cajun seasoning, so we highly recommend pairing this spicy pie with one of the signature lemonades they serve at Luna.


Star Pizza


All-you-can eat pizza, anyone? We thought that might get your attention. Unlike a lot of all-you-can eat pizza places, Star Pizza replaces the pizza frequently and keeps everything as fresh as possible. For $11, you can enjoy as many slices of hot, fresh pizza as you want. The pizza isn’t your average greasy pizza either. Star Pizza uses fresh vegetables, tons of garlic and cheese that’s so flavorful you might just scrape it off the pizza and eat it on its own.


Bollo Woodfired Pizza


Upscale pizza is very much a thing in Houston, and few places do it better than Bollo Woodfired Pizza. Let’s start by talking about the amazing shrimp scampi pizza. We’ve never seen this on a menu before, but Bollo does it well. The shrimp’s flavor is enhanced by slices of baked lemon, creating a pizza that tastes like a meal you’d find at a fine Italian restaurant.


Capone’s Oven & Bar


A lot of people think that good pizza joints have to serve greasy pizza, but that simply isn’t true. Yes, greasy pizza can be delicious, but it’s not a prerequisite for amazing ‘za. The pizza at Capone’s Oven & Bar isn’t the least bit greasy, but the crust is crispy and the sauce is thick. This is margherita pizza at it’s finest, and you’ll love eating it on the gorgeous outdoor patio at this Upper Kirby pizza restaurant.


With that, we’ve reached the end of our list of awesome pizza joints near Metropole apartments! As always, we greatly appreciate those of you that have been coming back every week to take a look at our latest blog posts. We hope you enjoy these pizza places next time you get the urge to order in or go out to eat!

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